Decorative Wooden Bead for DIY Jewelry Making: Wood Bead Garland, Bracelets & More | Natural Product: Craft Ball as Bead Decor & Any Wood Bead Decor, Finished Surface & Fun to Use

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" SUSTAINABLE WOODEN PRODUCT FOR CRAFT MAKING Say goodbye to plastic that could potentially harm your body and the environment! The material of these craft ball is made from wood, which is a green way to craft jewelry without hurting Mother Nature. Most plastic beads sold over-the-counter contain BPA and you don't want that anywhere near you. The more plastic manufacturers are supported, the more it produces products that end up in landfills or have it torn down to micro pieces into the ocean and be consumed by marine life. Guilt free DIY jewelry making with our decorative wooden beads for any natural craft DIY project! HIGH QUALITY DECORATIVE BEADS The smooth surface of these diy bead are meticulously buffed and polished to ensure topnotch quality in creating natural wood bead garland . It also ensures the users to be safe from woodcuts because it is free from rough edges. The drilled hole of the round wood bead's opening is seamless and allows nylon strings to be easily slid into. The best part of these wooden bead is that they are made to last long to support you in making the best handicrafts it is purposed to be. BEAD MAKING TO EASE STRESS Did you know that engaging in creative processes, like doing bead craft or bead jewelry making, helps the brain in regulating emotions? Studies show that working with new activities that stimulate your creativity like diy bead jewelry, regardless of your skill, are good for maintaining your well-being. So if you're a tad bit stressed out at work, then a little "me time" with our wood product that are a perfect for DIY craft would go a long way. "