Dial Antibacterial Liquid Soap, White Tea, 7.5 Oz Pump Bottle

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This natural hand soap liquid is developed with a blend of ingredients made to complement each other and provide you with all you need in a moisture hand soap.
This moisturizing soap is the ideal liquid soap bottle to keep next to every sink in your house. Only a few pumps of this fragrant soft hand soap are required to create a thick lather that completely cleans and protects your delicate hands.
Our elegant liquid hand soaps also moisturize while leaving a subtle, pleasant scent that just smells fresh without an overpowering odor. It lightly lingers after every wash!

Give yourself a treat with a pump hand soap that is great for your skin! Every time you wash your hands, our white tea scented soap moisturizes and nourishes them without a greasy feeling afterward.
This high-end, best hand soap for dry hands contains skin conditioners that hydrate the skin, making it ideal for regular hand cleaning in places like hospitals, schools, and restaurants. This lovely soap is also packaged in a container that can be readily poured from a pump, making it handier for you to use. Utilize it all over the house so you never have grimy hands again!

To ensure gentleness, this soft hand soap contains emollients and skin conditioners with moisturizing qualities, making it an excellent hand soap for soft skin.
Bid farewell to harsh bar soaps and welcome natural hand soaps! Our liquid hand soap recipe has a perfect consistency. It's not watery, but neither is it viscous enough to be difficult to clean up if spilled on counters.
We promise that our delicate hand soap recipe is non-drying, safe to use, and thoroughly cleans your hands for ultimate protection.
  • FINELY FORMULATED: Our hand soap bottle is the finest moisturizing hand soap to keep on hand since it provides all-day odor prevention while also making your hand softer with every hand wash.
  • EASILY ACCESSIBLE: This hand soap liquid comes in a 7.5 fl. oz bottle with a pump to enable dispensing of tiny quantities of luxury hand soap. Just a couple of pumps are enough for a rich lather.
  • GENTLE YET TOUGH: This is a natural hand soap you can rely on for long-lasting clean and heavy protection. Our scented hand soap is made with tried-and-true technology that works wonders on dry hands.
  • A TRUSTED CLEAN: Every time you wash your hands, this fancy hand soap works to moisturize intensively. This pretty soap nourishes as it washes, leaving you with smooth, supple, and healthy hands.
  • BENEFITS ALL: This incredible safe hand soap was created with an eco-friendly formula and packed in recyclable containers. It's a liquid handsoap that’s great for everyday usage.