Extra Moisturizing Lotion - Pure Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion as a Skin Repair Lotion to Reveal Glowing Skin | Non Greasy Scented Lotion for Women & Men- 32 FL OZ Per Pack, Pack of 2

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Enrich your skin with the luxurious care provided by our deep conditioning scented body lotion with cocoa butter! Infused with healing micro-droplets of nourishing jelly and rich moisturizers, our intense moisture lotion for men and women moisturizes and absorbs deeply to help heal dry skin from within.

This powerful yet gentle formula of natural body lotion is designed to smooth away roughness, eliminate dark spots, and provide lasting hydration to give you that natural shine. Our scented moisturizing body lotion comes in a lovely fragrance with each 32 oz. bottle, so you can make certain to have your skin essentials met with our superb daily body lotion!



Does your busy schedule often keep you from attending to your skin with a daily moisturizing lotion? Maybe you find it hard to keep up with those multi-step skin regimens? Do these hindrances leave you with dry, lackluster skin? Look no further because our skin repair lotion is made with carefully formulated and quality ingredients that ensure your skin receive only the best care.

The conditioning moisturizers of our deep moisturizing lotion promise all-day hydration to generously moisturize your skin with minimum application. Fortified with rich cocoa butter which is known for being a potent natural moisturizer, prepare to transform even the driest and roughest of skins into buttery soft skin with this scented lotion!



With a nourishing formula, this natural lotion penetrates deeply into the skin, results are bound to show as your skin glows from within.

Our scented body lotion for women and men contains quality ingredients that smooth away roughness, while actively reducing the appearance of dark spots to give you smooth, supple, and even skin. Do not hesitate to show off your revitalized skin when you use our body skin lotion!