Fragrance Free Hand Sanitizer Foam Refill Suitable for FIT Touch Free Dispenser 1 Liter Refill Sanitizer,33.8 Fl OZ Per Pack, Pack of 1

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The most basic step that we need to do to protect ourselves against harmful organisms is hand washing, but frequent hand washing might not be an option for those who are constantly on the go. Learn how to use our natural hand sanitizer foam that effectively eliminates organisms encountered in away-from-home settings instantly! This fragrance free hand sanitizer foam’s hydrating formula is gentle and moisturizes the skin while sanitizing your hands. It’s so handy to have our hand sanitizer container in every corner of your home to achieve clean hands at all times! Fast-Acting Properties This hand sanitizer unscented variant provides convenient, fast-acting properties that work to eliminate harmful organisms without being abrasive on your delicate hands, unlike any other bottle of hand sanitizer liquid. Our hand sanitizers remove harmful organisms in as little as 15 seconds! You can have this hand sanitizer for home use or any place that needs quick and refreshing hand sanitation! Touch-Free container that dispenses hand sanitizing foam and has a clean tip technology to minimize drip risk. Every drop of this hand sanitizer for kids and adults can effectively remove and protect you and your loved ones from the risk of spreading harmful Organisms! Gentle and Moisturising Formula Our moisturizing hand sanitizer was made to be extra gentle to the skin, ideal for frequent use. It's a dermatologist-tested personalized hand sanitizer formula that is suitable for all skin types. There's no need to worry about harsh perfumes that linger on the skin because this fragrance free hand sanitizer travel size is made without fragrances or dyes that pose a reaction to delicate noses. Sanitize and moisturize your hands at the same time with this Touch-Free pump hand sanitizer!