Lovely Annie Women's 4 Pairs Knee High Wool Socks | Comfy, Cozy and Fancy Leg Warmer Stockings AFS05 Size 6-9(Navy Blue)

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A STYLISH CLOSET MUST HAVE Say goodbye to worries in finding the perfect cozy and thick warm socks to match your dress or any clothing. With a variety of attractive colors and cute, cool designs in this sock pack to choose from, you will always have a pair that will accessorize and fashionably go well with your ensemble. Wear these ladies socks on any occasion such as birthdays, Christmas and Thanksgiving and you will surely take your outfit to the next level! Definitely a fun fashion statement your friends and family will admire, they would want one for themselves Look great and feel even greater with our super comfy womens wool socks.
LUXURY ON YOUR FEET Remarkably made with exceptional quality wool blend, these wool knee-high socks are the perfect splurge for your hard working feet. With its ultra soft and breathable fabric that increases blood flow and is both antibacterial and super absorbent to sweat, peace of mind is guaranteed! Not only is it practical and functional for every woman's daily use, you will feel like a million bucks the whole time you have it on. With just the right thickness of this knee high wool socks, your feet will always feel warm during winter, cool every summer, refreshed every spring and relaxed every autumn! Comfort, fashion and safety committed in each and every pair.
What are you waiting for? With our 100% money back promise, you will feel confident and secured with your purchase. Our customer service associates are more than willing to assist you with any questions and concerns you may have. We are available 24/7 for your convenience. Order one now and your feet will surely thank you!

  • SUPERB QUALITY: Created using carefully selected lightweight yet durable materials, these cool and comfy socks for girls are sure to give you feelings of coziness and protection. Designed with their usability in mind, these colorful casual socks are perfect as warm wool boot socks or work socks both for the daily hustle, and the familiar snug of home.
  • FASHIONABLY FUN: Definite closet must-haves, these womens wool knee high socks are the perfect addition to any outfit for that fab look. With their trendy and stylish design, they can easily be mixed and matched to go with your favorite shoes, dresses, tops, and bottoms. Made with only the best textile, these fashion socks will surely keep you feeling bold and elated.
  • FEMME FAVORITE: Because of their flexibility and unique designs, these wool socks are any woman�s dream go-to accessory. They exult of an ingenious engineering to prevent swollen ankles and tired legs by improving blood flow, especially when walking or hiking. These thick warm wool socks� fabric will leave you feeling fuzzy and warm even after a long busy day.
  • COMFORT CHIC: Both trendy and comfy, these ladies wool socks flaunt of an impeccable design that is not only great to look at, but is also pleasurable to wear. They feature a state-of-the-art thermal structure to allow for a practical yet fashionable adornment that you can wear any time of the year � whether it�s cold during winter or warm during summer.
  • 100% RISK FREE: We confidently back our products with a 100% satisfaction, no hassle, money-back guarantee because of the benefits it provides. Our world class customer service team is more than happy to assist you with any concerns. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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