Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap Dermatologist Tested Milk and Golden Honey Hand Soap for Daily Hand Wash - Rich Lather | Scented Soap in Refillable Soap Bottle with Pump, 7.5 Fl OZ Per Pack, Pack of 1

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Get luxury and practicality in a bottle with our milk and golden honey scented liquid hand soap! Formulated with a myriad of essential oils and other thoughtfully chosen quality ingredients, this pump hand soap leaves skin feeling soft and smooth while providing the necessary protection for clean hands. Our luxury hand soap is infused with a fragrant milk and golden honey scent for that soothing essence every time you wash your hands. Make sure to pamper your skin with a moisturizing soap that's dermatologically tested. This is the much recommended hand soap for you! RICH MOISTURIZING POWERS This all natural hand soap is of natural origin and formulated with extracts of milk protein and sweet honey to maintain your skin's delicate balance. Other premium ingredients of our fancy hand soap include essential oils, olive oil, glycerin, lactate, vitamin E, and various emollients to help condition and smoothen the skin, all with a simple, pretty soap. Without containing preservatives, our safe hand soap's powerful formula is the ideal liquid hand soap for delicate skin and guaranteed to hydrate while being gentle, making it the best hand soap! EFFICIENT SANITIZING ABILITY Hand soaps are an essential for healthy hands. Knowing how important hand washing is, you can guarantee that our liquid handsoap marvelously cleans and has been tested by dermatologists to also make your hand softer. Now you've found the perfect hand soap for delicate skin! Our pump hand soap is the ideal office hand soap but also good for a multitude of commercial settings including healthcare facilities, schools, restaurants - also, keep this hand soap bottle for personal use in your restrooms, kitchens, etc. This scented soap provides the high efficacy for personal protection and nourishment and we bring a refillable hand soap for a great value.