Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap Soothing Clean, Made with Essential Oils, Cruelty Free Cleanser that Washes Away Dirt, Peppermint, 12 FL OZ Bottle, 3 Bottles

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This hand soap is an ideal opportunity to elevate your basic sink accessories.

Brighten up your day with this delightfully fragrant natural handsoap! Our Hand Soap in the Peppermint is specifically made to freshen hands without drying them out, while also providing a special, unique scent for your entire home. it's ideal to use as a bathroom handsoap, home hand soap, office hand soap, or kitchen hand soap.

Peppermint fills the air with a relaxingly cool scent. Our scented soap is so serene and refreshing! Enjoy the chore of handwashing when you switch to this scented hand soap.



This hard-working fancy hand soap formula contains olive oil, Peppermint, and essential oils, that thoroughly cleans and freshens hands.

The combination of these thoughtfully chosen ingredients creates a non-drying yet softening safe hand soap, ideal for busy hands. As an added bonus, this pretty soap is made without harmful ingredients and is cruelty-free. Now's the time to switch to natural hand soaps! But don’t just use it to make your hand softer! T

his liquid soap bottle can help you when you’re in the mood for a luxurious bubble bath. Just simply drizzle some under warm running water and bask in the peaceful aura.



Who wouldn’t want the charming scent of fresh Peppermint in our liquid hand soaps to linger on their skin with every wash? Peppermint provides an air of calm as you clean; this refreshing subtle hint of fruity floral is known to be quite soothing and cooling.

Our liquid handsoap is defined with an enticingly lively aroma to leave your hands smelling fresh! This Peppermint variant gives simply the ideal subtle hints of flower and fruity pleasantness.

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