PROVON Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion, 16 fl oz Lotion Pump Bottle 3-Packs

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With our Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion 16 fl. oz, have hydrated skin from within! To make our skin body lotion, we utilized Shea Butter for a creamy all over body lotion that's fast-absorbing. This incredible best skin lotion is effective in treating chapped, rough skin with hydration that lasts for hours.
This everyday lotion has a lighter feel for an extra strength body lotion that works as a hand lotion for men, or the best lotion for women. Our body and hand lotion comes in a handy 16 fl. oz. bottle with a pump for easy dispensing. Treat your skin by making this your daily body lotion!

No one wants an intense moisture lotion that leaves a sticky or greasy sensation but the feeling of dry, rough skin can be uncomfortable as well. Our skin repair lotion has solved both of those problems. Our daily moisturizing lotion with nourishing Shea Butter swiftly penetrates and moisturizes skin from within without an uncomfortable residue.
This fast-absorbing, deep moisturizing lotion is also latex and CHG compatible, making it the ideal high moist lotion for healthcare professionals or people who regularly wear latex gloves as our extra moisturizing lotion reduces the risk of glove degradation so you can still enjoy our hand moisturizers while wearing gloves.

Tired of skin moisturizers with overpowering scents? This is the best body moisture lotion for you! Our top rated lotion is fragrance-free so you don’t have to worry about annoying scents lingering on your skin. Our best lotion formula is hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested as well so we guarantee a safe, unscented hand lotion.
This is a fresh lotion that’s recommended for regular use as a lotion for legs or an all-over gentle lotion to see a massive difference in your skin!
  • QUICK HYDRATION: Our 16 fl. Oz unscented lotion with a pump makes it easier to dispense, allowing you to immediately enjoy the hydrating benefits of shea butter in our best rated body lotion.
  • HIGHLY NOURISHING: This natural body lotion nourishes dry skin with a non-greasy formula. Our fragrance free lotion is dermatologist-tested for a top rated body lotion.
  • IMPROVES SKIN HEALTH: Regularly use our hand and body lotion for healthier skin with a deep conditioning formula. This unscented body lotion is proven to be safe, safe, and fast-absorbing.
  • CHG AND LATEX COMPATIBLE: Healthcare workers will surely appreciate this moisturizing body lotion. Our natural hand and body lotion is compatible with latex to reduce the risk of glove degradation.
  • CONDITIONING ELEMENTS: Shea Butter is used to comfort dry skin in our best body lotion. We offer a fragrance free body lotion ideal for regular use to achieve a healthier complexion.